Town Centre Regeneration

We’re improving the town centre and speeding up the delivery of office and residential developments.


45 minutes
to lndon

Already well-connected by road, electrification of the GWR line brings increased capacity with faster and more reliable services.


UK’s 6th
most prductive

With 82% of jobs in the private sector, Swindon has the right mix of skills and productivity to support your business growth.


Swindon’s rich heritage is the foundation of success for modern global business, becoming a destination for culture, learning, working and living.

Home of Global Brands

A large number of national and international brands have already chosen Swindon as the place to base their headquarters.

Talent Pool

Employment is thriving – from engineering to IT and finance amongst others, create a diverse pool of talent and a strong economy.

Value for Money

Swindon offers competitive rates by comparison for business and residents alike.

Quality of Life

Set in an outstanding natural setting, Swindon provides a quality of life that’s rich in things to do and places to see.